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(prō-tū'bĕr-ăns), [TA]
A swelling or knoblike outgrowth. A bulging, swelling, or protruding part.
Synonym(s): protuberantia [TA]
[Mod. L. protuberantia]


(em'i-nĕns) [TA]
A circumscribed area raised above the general level of the surrounding surface, particularly on a bone surface.
Synonym(s): eminentia [TA] .
[L. eminentia]


(prom'i-nĕns) [TA]
anatomy A tissue or part that projects beyond a surface.
Synonym(s): prominentia.
[L. prominentia]


(prō-tū'bĕr-ăns) [TA]
A swelling, protruding, or knoblike outgrowth or part.
Synonym(s): protuberantia.
[Mod. L. protuberantia]
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A conelike protrusion of the protuberantia occipitalis externa is, however, only found in male skulls of the test group (E: 0 percent; G: 22.4 percent).