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, protoplasmic (prō'tō-plaz-mat'ik, -plaz'mik),
Relating to protoplasm.
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(pro'to-plazm) [? + LL. plasma, form, mold]
A watery colloid that forms the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of cells; it is enclosed in a cell membrane that regulates exchanges of materials with the environment. It is a solution of organic (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) and inorganic (minerals and gases) chemicals in water. See: cell; cytoplasm; nucleus
protoplasmic (pro-to-plaz'mik), adjective
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Lillie, Protoplasmic Action and Nervous Action, University of Chicago Press, 1923.
Such protoplasmic imagery stems from a biological/botanical/ecological awareness that connects birds, beasts, and flowers, accentuating bodily forms and biorhythms and breaking down barriers the mind erects between species.
[The synaptic mechanisms are a] protoplasmic union, or proximity of the neurones in space, or a greater permeability of the membrane, or a lowered electrical resistance, or a favorable condition of some other sort.
"There seems to be little question that certain minima of muscular activity are essential for supporting normal growth and for maintaining the protoplasmic integrity of the tissues.
Studies indicating Ag toxicity exist from as early as 1983, when Rungby and Danscher (1983) showed that Ag salts intraperitoneally administered to rats can accumulate in neurons and in protoplasmic glial cells of the brain and spinal cord.
Three forms of astrocytes exist in the central nervous system: fibrous, protoplasmic and plasmatofibrous.
Our culture simply views our plants and animals as so many inanimate piles of protoplasmic structure to be manipulated however cleverly hubris can imagine to manipulate it.
Doll heads of different sizes become the protoplasmic cells to which meaning is reassigned by modelling and placement according to the concept and context of each work.
I like to say we want our pigs to express their "pigness" and the chickens to express their "chickenness." The industrial food system views plants and animals as inanimate protoplasmic structures to be manipulated.
Phosphorus (P) is an indispensable element for all living protoplasmic organisms and an essential nutrient for growth, but it also causes water eutrophication (Arai and Sparks 2007).
So, you can bet on the Creativity Machine being the closest thing to human consciousness there can be, as well as the only vehicle for the mind, once one's protoplasmic matrix peters out.
Primordial germ cells have well-defined pseudopodia (temporary protoplasmic processes) similar to amoeba, and move via amoeboid action.