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The undifferentiated cells of very young embryos, from which the primordial germ layers will evolve.
[proto- + G. derma, skin]
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n. Botany
The primary meristem that gives rise to epidermis. Also called dermatogen.

pro′to·derm′al adj.
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g, i Tall or voluminous epidermal cells, g-h, in Thick cuticle, i Chloroplasts in the epidermis, h Epidermis sporadically bistratified (black asterisks) and hypodermis (white stars), j Foliar primordium with protoderm highlighting divisions in some cells, generating intercalated uni-and bistratified epidermis (black asterisks); note basal meristem originating the hypodermis (white stars), g-h Stomata on the abaxial face, k-m Distribution of glandular trichomes (GT): on both faces of the leaf (K); only on the adaxial face (L); only on the abaxial face (M)
The structure presents the following: b1: first leaf sheath; b2: second leaf sheath; cc: cotyledonary cavity; fc: cotyledonary slit; mf: fundamental meristem; pc: procambium; pd: protoderm; pf: leaf primordia; pm: pro-meristem.
protoderm: Dermal or outer tissue of an apical meristem that gives rise to the epidermis.
In the majority of plant species, any protoderm cell has the potential to form a root hair.