prothrombin consumption test

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a glycoprotein present in the plasma that is converted into thrombin by extrinsic thromboplastin during the second stage of blood clotting; called also factor II.
prothrombin consumption a clinical laboratory test done to determine thromboplastin generating capacity, which provides information about the first stage of blood clotting. When clotting of a normal blood sample occurs, prothrombin is converted to thrombin; thus there should be little or no prothrombin in the serum after the clot is formed. If, however, there is deficiency of blood clotting (coagulation), some of the prothrombin will not be utilized (consumed). Abnormal results of the test are found in deficiencies of the first-stage coagulation factors (factors VIII and IX), and in the presence of circulating anticoagulants, thrombocytopenia, and any other condition leading to inadequate generation of thromboplastin.
prothrombin consumption test a test to measure the formation of intrinsic thromboplastin by determining the residual serum prothrombin after blood clotting is complete.
prothrombin time a test to measure the activity of coagulation factors I, II, V, VII, and X, which participate in the extrinsic pathway of coagulation; abbreviated Pro time or PT. Called also one-stage prothrombin time and Quick's test. Deficiency of any of these factors leads to a prolongation of the one-stage prothrombin times, as will circulating anticoagulants that are active against factors V and VII or against thromboplastin.

The test is considered basic to any study of the clotting process and is also widely used for guidance in establishing and maintaining anticoagulant therapy. Test results are best understood when both the patient's and the control times are reported. The therapeutic range for coagulation therapy is usually 2 to 3 times that of the normal (12 to 15 sec.) control.
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prothrombin consumption test

A test for the amount of thromboplastin present in the plasma that reacts with prothrombin. This is determined by quantitating the prothrombin that remains in the serum after coagulation is complete.
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