protein metabolism

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pro·tein me·tab·o·lism

decomposition and synthesis of protein in the tissues.
Synonym(s): proteometabolism
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pro·tein me·ta·bo·lism

(prō'tēn mĕ-tab'ŏ-lizm)
Decomposition and synthesis of protein in the tissues.
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pro·tein me·ta·bo·lism

(prō'tēn mĕ-tab'ŏ-lizm)
Decomposition and synthesis of protein in tissues.
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We bring together experiments conducted on two pocilloporid corals, using different life stages and slightly varying physical conditions, to explore the effects of high pC[O.sub.2] on aspects of protein metabolism. In so doing, we recognize the limitations of this experimental design in establishing cause-and-effect relationships, but we suggest that the likely conserved nature of cellular physiology in scleractinians provides sufficient rationale for considering our results together, and using the outcome to identify promising hypotheses for further investigation.
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