protein factor

pro·tein fac·tor

the numeric factor (6.25) by which the nitrogen content of a protein is multiplied to approximate the amount of protein.
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They had been given protein Factor VIII, hailed as a 'miracle treatment' to clot blood.
The inquiry heard in 1981 Mr Hildyard had an operation and was treated with blood-clotting protein Factor VIII - although he was unaware of that until a year and a half ago when he was finally able to obtain his medical records.
As a haemophiliac, the youngster from Essex has to inject himself with the clotting protein Factor VIII every 48 hours to ensure he can match up with the rest of the field.
Since the effect diminished after the removal of proteins from serum, a protein factor could be responsible.
The protein factor significantly reduced the intake of SID valine with protein reduction of 1.5% units, while SID isoleucine and tryptophan intakes were significantly reduced at and above 0.75% unit protein step down compared to normal protein group.
Crude protein was determined using the nitrogen to protein factor of 5.7 for the legume diets and 6.25 for the modified AIN-93G and 2%ALB diets.
The protein content was calculated automatically by the Thermo Scientific Eager Xperience software using a default protein factor of 6.25.
Other subjects covered include non-Ige mediated food allergy to dietary proteins in infants and young children, protein feeding and flock management for improving sheep milk and cheese features, nutritional characteristics of donkey's milk protein factor, and the role of dietary protein in the treatment of central nervous system disorders.
However, for those patients, emerging risk factors such as elevated levels of C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, and the blood clotting protein factor VIIIc were not as strongly associated with great risk of cardiovascular death, researchers found.