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At this time, a number of multivesicular bodies (which was formed by the modified mitochondria) and yolk granules were involved in the formation of proteid yolk granules (Figs.
The active compounds, which have been isolated and identified, belong to the classes of alkaloids (68), triterpenes (29), sesquiterpenes (19), miscellaneous lactones (18), quinoids (16), flavonoids (13), diterpenes (13), steroids (10), lipids (8), iridoids (8), oxygen heterocycles (7), benzenoids (6), carbohydrates (5), lignans (5), proteids (4), coumarins (3), phenylpropanoids (3), depsides (2), a sulfur compound (1), and a monoterpene (1).
At Harvard University, the catalog entry for physiological chemistry (1896-1897) stated that "instruction in physiological chemistry is given by lectures, recitations and exercises in the laboratory where each student will be taught the chemistry of the carbohydrates, proteids and fats, the chemistry of digestion, the chemistry and microscopy of the urine and the tests for the important poisons".