protective zone

pro·tec·tive zone

the time in the cardiac cycle, immediately following the vulnerable period, during which a second stimulus will prevent the initiation of ventricular fibrillation by a previous stimulus applied during the vulnerable period, probably by blocking a reentrant pathway.
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The letter had, according to Politis, said that there could be no developments within 475 metres from the shore but this was not followed and there had been two amendments made with the protective zone reduced by 20 metres
The maximum content of this metabolite was observed in June in plants growing in sanitary protective zone of industrial enterprises, where the leaves in southern exposure had 440.
Supreme Court decision striking down a state law providing a protective zone around Massachusetts reproductive health care facilities, Ms.
In a last gasp attempt, the federal ministry of environment and forest announced in an office memorandum on Tuesday that the habitations, plantations and agricultural areas in the 123 villages falling within the Western Ghat eco-sensitive area will be taken off the protective zone as demanded by the state government.
Additionally, city leaders are currently developing a Watercourse Protective Zone, outlining standards and best practices for managing stormwater at development projects in specified riparian areas.
Do you support a protective zone on Syrian territory, which would require military protection?
This new protective zone was created to provide enhanced protection of Snake Bight's sensitive aquatic vegetation and wilderness resources, improve the quality of the flats fishing, enhance paddling and wildlife viewing opportunities, and expand education on proper shallow water boating techniques," said Dan Kimball, Superintendent of Everglades National Park.
Sensors on the driver, excavator boom and stick create an exclusion zone which prevents penetration into the protected area, shutting down the driver if the protective zone is broken.
The protective zone encircling oregano-impregnated apple puree disks was significantly larger than those of disks containing cinnamon or lemongrass oils, the scientists found.
Some of the experts suggested that the protective zone be extended from 300 meters to one kilometer.
But officials at the track now hope the protective zone will be lifted in time for Catterick's July 3 and 4 fixtures to go ahead as planned.
With support from a neighborhood group, the Green Lake Park Alliance, the parks department established a protective zone around the snags by planting native shrubs and understory.