protective eyewear

pro·tec·tive eye·wear

(prŏ-tektiv īwār)
Safety-type spectacles with side shields necessary for the dental team and patients to prevent ocular injuries and infections during dental procedures.
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Eye surgeons have called for the use of protective eyewear and age restrictions after three patients sustained serious eye injuries using a popular toy gun.
veteran, to provide American soldiers with state-of-the-art ballistic protective eyewear has grown into a premium sunglass brand known around the world," said Myles Freeman Jr.
By understanding the truth behind common misconceptions, parents can incorporate protective eyewear into their child's sports routine, providing their athletes the safety measures they need.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) constantly warned the public about the dangers of looking at the eclipse without protective eyewear, but apparently rapper Joey Bada$$ did not listen.
Eclipse enthusiasts have purchased thousands of special protective eyewear in order to safely watch the phenomenon.
Wearing protective eyewear in the vicinity of the laser, while it is in use is extremely crucial.
According to Technavios latest market research study, the global laser protective eyewear market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 5% during the forecast period, 2017-2021.
Recently expanded, the self-adjusting SecureFit 600 Series line of protective eyewear now offers more personalization options to address varied workplace conditions.
Twenty-two percent of the patients had been wearing protective eyewear at the time of injury.
GLOBUS has announced it is creating a new era in protective eyewear with the launch of RILEY--a brand new range of high performance safety glasses and goggles designed to deliver the perfect combination of comfort, protection and style.
Additional links provide in-depth information on Wiley X's new Worksight line of fashionable, functional occupational eye protection, as well as its new Youth Force line of ASTM F803-rated Sports Protective Eyewear for children and young teen athletes.
Energeyes, a protective eyewear from Singapore, alleviates the symptoms of digital eye strain by blocking over 50% of harmful blue light emitted by digital screens.