protective eyewear

pro·tec·tive eye·wear

(prŏ-tektiv īwār)
Safety-type spectacles with side shields necessary for the dental team and patients to prevent ocular injuries and infections during dental procedures.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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"We've seen quite a bit more interest in protective eyewear," says Michelle Murphy, marketing manager for the Wareham, Mass.-based H.L.
For example, protective eyewear guards against only specific colors and laser power levels; therefore, officers must know the type of laser employed against them.
Such a move would leave it with just one remaining division, specialising in protective eyewear.
Nearly 1 million Americans are visually impaired or blind due to eye injuries; 90 percent of those injuries could have been avoided with proper safety practices and protective eyewear.
Sports eye protection is a must, and protective eyewear should be included on back-to-school shopping lists.
The sports frame is part of a protective eyewear collection from its Julbo brand and is designed to offer comfort while remaining streamlined.
The best way is to use protective eyewear with lenses designed to preserve lutein, the natural protective filter of the eyes.
Wear protective eyewear when playing sports - Eye injuries while playing sports can cause serious damage, whether by getting smacked with an elbow during basketball or hit with a hockey stick.
Wearing protective eyewear in the vicinity of the laser, while it is in use is extremely crucial.
GLOBUS has announced it is creating a new era in protective eyewear with the launch of RILEY--a brand new range of high performance safety glasses and goggles designed to deliver the perfect combination of comfort, protection and style.
Energeyes, a protective eyewear from Singapore, alleviates the symptoms of digital eye strain by blocking over 50% of harmful blue light emitted by digital screens.