protection test

pro·tec·tion test

a test to determine the antimicrobial activity of a serum or to identify a given organism by inoculating a susceptible animal or cell culture with a mixture of the serum and the virus or other microbe being tested.
Synonym(s): neutralization test

serum neutralisation test

A test in which a patient’s serum, which may contain a neutralising antibody and a microorganism of interest (e.g., an adenovirus or enterovirus), is either placed in a cell culture or injected into a host organism so as to evaluate levels of protective antibodies present within the serum.

pro·tec·tion test

(prŏ-tek'shŭn test)
A procedure to determine the antimicrobial activity of a serum by inoculating a susceptible animal with a mixture of the serum and the virus or other microbe being tested.
Synonym(s): neutralization test.
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Along with that, a Silver Award for the Malware Protection Test and Removal test, it is awarded the Bronze Product for the Performance test as well.
The protection test was carried out in November 2017 utilizing Barkly version 2.
com)-- In order to help consumers make the right decision when it comes to shielding their digital life, the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives regularly publishes the results of its "Real-World" Protection Test.
Karnakata, July 25 -- eScan - the Enterprise Security Solution provider has received the most sought after AV-Comparatives' "Real World" Protection Test certification for eScan Corporate 360.
MARDAN -- Relevant officials of Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has installed new power transformer after completion of its dehydration safety and protection test in grid station KV-132 located on Mohib road and restored electricity to large part of Mardan district after power disruption in these areas for three days due to some technical fault.
PESHAWAR -- The Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) has energized one new power transformer at 132 KV Mardan grid station after completing safety and protection test on Friday.
In the fisheries protection test the drone seeks to locate and identify participating fishing vessels and determine their intent.
The temperature-time curves of the furnace and unprotected steel board during the fire protection test are shown in Fig.
The demanding assessment includes a 64km/h frontal offset test and a 50km/h side impact test, along with a 29km/h pole test, a whiplash test simulating a 32km/h rear-end crash, and a 40km/h pedestrian impact protection test.
McAfee's core endpoint anti-malware products (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention and McAfee Site Advisor Enterprise) achieved the highest block rate and an overall score of 97 percent of all threats being blocked in the exploit protection test of the NSS Labs Corporate End Point Security Detection report.
High SPFs cannot be achieved without some UVA protection, as the SPF in vivo test is inherently a UVA and UVB protection test.
A section of the site spotlights the FlexCat Cathodic Test Station, described as a modified version of the Flex-Tough marker that provides flexibility and impact resistance while serving as a two-terminal cathodic protection test station.

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