protection test

pro·tec·tion test

a test to determine the antimicrobial activity of a serum or to identify a given organism by inoculating a susceptible animal or cell culture with a mixture of the serum and the virus or other microbe being tested.
Synonym(s): neutralization test

serum neutralisation test

A test in which a patient’s serum, which may contain a neutralising antibody and a microorganism of interest (e.g., an adenovirus or enterovirus), is either placed in a cell culture or injected into a host organism so as to evaluate levels of protective antibodies present within the serum.

pro·tec·tion test

(prŏ-tek'shŭn test)
A procedure to determine the antimicrobial activity of a serum by inoculating a susceptible animal with a mixture of the serum and the virus or other microbe being tested.
Synonym(s): neutralization test.
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During the last 4 months, Panda Security has achieved the best detection rate in the Real World Protection Test by AV-Comparatives, detecting and blocking 99.
It received maximum five-star rating across all safety parameters, except for the rollover protection test where it was awarded a four star rating.
The demanding assessment includes a 64km/h frontal offset test and a 50km/h side impact test, along with a 29km/h pole test, a whiplash test simulating a 32km/h rear-end crash, and a 40km/h pedestrian impact protection test.
NORSOK, the M-501 standard established by the Norwegian oil industry, goes beyond the requirements of EN ISO 12944: this standard is based on the extremely demanding corrosion protection test described in ISO 20340 in which specimens are subjected to a climatic test over the course of 25 weeks under cyclic changes of climatic conditions.
That can be achieved by testing either the natural product or serum from a subject that consumed the product in a well-designed cellular antioxidant protection test.
McAfee's core endpoint anti-malware products (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention and McAfee Site Advisor Enterprise) achieved the highest block rate and an overall score of 97 percent of all threats being blocked in the exploit protection test of the NSS Labs Corporate End Point Security Detection report.
High SPFs cannot be achieved without some UVA protection, as the SPF in vivo test is inherently a UVA and UVB protection test.
The Legacy was rated as the safest passenger car in the collision safety performance tests for driver and front passenger, while also achieving the highest rating in the pedestrian head protection test.
a developer of machine to machine (M2M) data acquisition, telemetry, and analysis systems for critical industries and a provider of custom electronic assemblies and displays for industries where high quality, reliability, and innovation are paramount, has announced the release of the WatchdogCP P2S-AC Cathodic Protection Test Station Monitoring System.
The facility features tools such as cathodic protection test field with buried, electrified pipelines; a coatings lab with a flash and spray booth; a virtual spray booth for classroom-based applicator training; an equipment preparation area; and the nation's only marine ballast tank immersion tent, which simulates a ship's ballast tank for shipboard corrosion assessment training.
Both received the maximum five stars for the passenger protection test and both scored highly in child passenger and pedestrian protection ratings.
This is the first Alfa to receive five stars for adult occupant protection but in the pedestrian protection test it was awarded just one star.

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