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1. affording protection.
2. an agent that provides defense against harmful influences; called also screen.
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Corn starch has also been used as the basis for a new technology that will improve the performance of flavors and protectants.
Keeping in view the importance of spinosad with respect to environmental safety, low mammalian toxicity, and potential as a grain protectant, the present study was planned to evaluate geographical variation in the susceptibility to spinosad in laboratory and field strains of T.
He said: "It is a strong protectant and also offers a physiological boost that many crops will need this year.
1 Prep hair with a heat protectant spray, and comb through.
The Buffer range consists of products like Leather Care Spray, Anti-Mist Spray, Insect Remover, Sonax Smoke Ex and Trim Protectant.
Other products manufactured and marketed by Mentholatum include Natural Ice lip Protectant, WellPatch Pain Relieving Pads, pHisoderm, Deep Heating Rub, Fletcher's Laxative and Red Cross Toothache Medication and Mentholatum Ointment.
This set contains skin Protectant, daily Moisturiser, and Lip Protectant stick, bundled together in a gorgeous cosmetic bag.
NOT LEAVING HOME WITHOUT Elizabeth Arden's limited edition Swarovski eight-hour lip protectant stick, right, at counters nationwide (EUR22).
Well finally, thanks to Sharkhide Metal Protectant, that's all in the past.
FireIce is reportedly a state-of the art water-enhancing fire suppressant and structure protectant that is currently being utilised by firefighters, first responders and military personnel both domestically and internationally.
Made of a clinically proven skin protectant and the highest-quality tea tree oil available, the cream combines numerous medicine cabinet remedies in one tube, the company notes.