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Medspeak A popular term for a physician or scientist whose major source of income derives from his/her role as an expert witness in medical malpractice, and his or her willingness to agree with whomever is paying for the expertise
Vox populi A sex worker
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In eight years, the number of prostitutes advertising their services swelled more than 20-fold to almost 7,000, a Swedish 2015 study showed.
While it is not surprising that aggressive prostitutes were presented as vicious, prostitutes who were the victims of violence were habitually portrayed as partly responsible for their injuries.
Just a few days after a Brazilian prostitute posted a video of the "Girlfriend" singer allegedly sleeping in her bed, another girl has claimed that she had a sexual encounter with him and described it as super delicious.
Police watched Ivanovs and the prostitute and confirmed that he had not paid her for sex.
One agent, who later admitted that he had engaged in prior misconduct with prostitutes in El Salvador and Panama, had previously denied in an interview with USSS Office of Professional Responsibility that "he had not had prior contact with prostitutes.
This paper argues that the proposed Prostitution Act 2011 (WA) will reproduce injustices, including consigning prostitutes as a social group to the marginalised 'Other'.
They recommend stopping legal penalties for prostitutes under the "idler" clause and training policemen in changing their view that prostitutes are criminals.
But critics say this has made it easier for prostitutes to ply their trade.
Federico Lombardi personally asked the pope if he meant anything specific about choosing male (as opposed to female) prostitutes.
The ads also urge men who believe a prostitute may have been trafficked to be "Man enough" to tip-off police.
The head of Cyprus' human trafficking unit said yesterday sexual exploitation was "getting serious" after undercover police caught two Romanian prostitutes red handed in Paphos at the weekend.
Stephen Griffiths, 40, is in custody accused of murdering three prostitutes.