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proprioceptors (prōˈ·prē·ō·sepˑ·terz), neuromuscular receptors that register stimuli, such as stretch, tonicity, and movement within muscles.
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Besides, alkalosis induces an increase of nervous fibers' excitability, this, in turn, is a reason of distortion of impulsation from the proprioceptors.
Additionally, it is known that the cervical spine proprioceptors have a direct influence on oculomotor control and, when dysfunctional, can create visual disturbances (Carlsson and Rosenhall 1990, Gimse et al 1996).
Unstable surface was assumed to create a proprioceptively enriched environment that progressively challenges the proprioceptors and nervous system (42).
The beam is widely interpreted as reducing the reliability of orientation-relevant information from the foot and ankle proprioceptors (see, for example, Nashner & McCollum, 1985), which may, accordingly, increase the participants' reliance on other sources of perceptual information, such as audition.
The proprioceptors in the ankles, feet, knees, hips, and neck are fundamental in 'telling' the brain where the body, and especially the head, is positioned in space.
The response properties of four of these neurons are now known: interneurons GN1 and 2 are mechanosensory and respond to mechanical contacts with the bristle hairs on the antenniform leg tarsus; sensory neurons GN6 and 7 are proprioceptors that detect bending of the tarsus around a particular joint (Igelmund & Wendler 1991a, b).
Rehabilitation should focus on re-educating proprioceptors to recreate functional movements in running/athletic performance.
Proprioceptors in muscles and joints sense and continually adjust the length and tension of muscles and the angles of joints.
ROM movement causes proprioceptors (sensors at the nerve endings in muscles, tendons, and joints) to "wake up" and "reset" themselves.
The athletes in these sports perform based primarily on their own sense of internal receptors or proprioceptors (body information).
Now I'm amazed even more by the changes that result from receptor-based therapy, which is the manipulation of the nervous system through chiropractic adjustments and specific challenges to the senses, such as vision, hearing, smell, proprioceptors, etc.
The horse's brain interprets this information along with internal sensory organs like the joint proprioceptors, which give the horse a sense of the positions of its limbs.