proprioceptive reflexes

pro·pri·o·cep·tive re·flex·es

any reflex brought about by stimulation of proprioceptors.
See also: proprioceptor.
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Information regarding the proprioception of the wrist joint is summarised under the broad headings of joint mechanoreceptors, proprioceptive reflexes and pathways, and proprioception senses and therapeutic applications.
Further basic science studies of proprioceptive reflexes and the effect of neuromuscular actions on wrist stability are required, as is clinical research into proprioceptive rehabilitation of the wrist joint and the development of neuromuscular rehabilitation programmes.
Evidence of wrist proprioceptive reflexes was demonstrated in a recently published article (Hagert, 2009).
The cerebellum and basal ganglia help to mediate visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive interactions and coordinate the proprioceptive reflexes subserving balance.

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