proprietary product

proprietary product,

n any medicinal or herbal preparation whose formulation is owned exclusively by an individual or business.
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Several steps should be taken by the military to prevent the further escalation of proprietary product use and the problems that could result--
DuPont will also perform the marketing of Barr's first proprietary product and may assist in the marketing of certain other Barr proprietary products under development.
These efforts have produced significant growth in proprietary product revenues and have allowed us to move several new products through development and into registration.
Importantly, this agreement also helps balance our drug development portfolio across proprietary product candidates, fully funded programs, and co-development projects.
Proprietary product revenues increased by 33% while distribution revenues increased by 41%.
Fourth quarter revenues from proprietary product sales increased by 105% while distribution revenues increased by 17% over the fourth quarter of 1992.
We've increased the proportion of proprietary product sales to 61 percent of total sales compared to 29 percent for the same quarter last year.
Critical to our decision making is solid evidence of a competitively advantaged, strong and proprietary product that meets an unmet or underserved need in a large and growing market," says CentriCap Manager & Principal, Jeff Brodlieb, adding, "and of course, there must be a strong management team capable of implementing and managing an accelerated growth strategy.
In addition, some generics companies are now involved in proprietary product research and development or in-licensing.
We tasked our development team to formulate a unique, proprietary product which uses high quality, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients backed by substantial peer-reviewed, published scientific research supporting their positive health benefits and efficacy addressing the problems associated with heart disease.
The Company's lead proprietary product candidate, VIVITROL(TM) (naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension), is being developed as a once-monthly injection for the treatment of alcohol dependence.
NASDAQ: NURO), a medical device company focused on the development and sale of proprietary products used to diagnose neuropathies, announced today that it is scheduled to present at the Ninth Annual Growth Conference of Needham & Company, LLC at The New York Palace Hotel in New York City at 3:30pm (EST) on Thursday, January 11, 2007.