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A statistical experimental approach for the development of propranolol HCl gastric floating tablets and its evaluation.
Design and in vitro evaluation of effervescent gastric floating drug delivery systems of propranolol HCl.
This propranolol HCl ER capsule is an example of a very difficult-to-develop, therapeutically equivalent product, now being made available to patients for the first time as a generic product.
Propranolol HCl was geometrically mixed with PEO until a homogeneous blend was achieved.
The release of propranolol HCl from floating tablets was determined by using a Dissolution Tester USP XXIII (LAB-INDIA, Disso 200).
It was observed that all the formulations of propranolol HCl prepared using selected polymers PEO WSR N-60K and PEO WSR 303 complied with compendia standard for uniformity of weight.
In batch P1, propranolol HCl tablets were prepared using PEO WSR N 60K at 1:0.
PEO WSR 303 was selected as a suitable polymer for the development of gastric effervescent floating tablets of propranolol HCl with low polymer concentration.
The FTIR spectrum of propranolol HCl showed characteristic secondary amine -N-H stretch at 3280 [cm.
According to Eric Mittleberg, executive vice president of pharmaceutical research and development, the propranolol HCl ER capsule is difficult to develop and is being made available to patients as a generic for the first time.