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A gene on chromosome 22q11.1, which encodes a member of the BCL-2 family of cell death regulators. BID heterodimerises with either agonist BAX or antagonist BCL2. Caspase-8 cleaves BID, mediating mitochondrial damage when the COOH-terminal part translocates to mitochondria, triggering cytochrome c release.
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bis in di·e

, bid (bis in dē'ā)
Twice a day.
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Abbreviation for bis in die.
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'The proposal from Megawide has not been opened yet due to 'first-in-time' submission of complete documentary requirements mandated by the BOT law,' Libiran said.
It later withdrew the proposal for Qiangde, while the committee approved the proposals for Jinghao and Tianbao.
The portal was set up so that contractors could store their proposals on the contractor side of the portal prior to submitting their proposal.
* Maintain a proposal information repository that you can tap into again and again to compile winning proposals.
Under the proposal, the partner rotation requirements would apply to all entities of significant public interest and be expanded to cover all key audit partners (defined in the exposure draft).
The College Council plays a central role in the budget process by considering proposals in a transparent manner.
A first meeting took place in September and a second meeting in November developed the proposal, which has been submitted to Archbishop Williams and the petitioning dioceses.
In summary, because (1) it is unclear how the information required by the Model Statute will inform the actions of the states or otherwise advance the MTC's uniformity goal and (2) the states currently possess such information and can share it through exchange of information agreements, the proposal should be set aside.
The proposal also afforded some protection to consumers.
Though this raises the risk of double-counting, the proposal states that "the risk inherent in such double disclosure is outweighed by the clearer and more-complete picture it would provide to investors."
- a proposal on credits for exports of farm goods (DG Trade says it's the responsibility of DG development while DG Development says it's the responsibility of DG Agriculture);
(5) In light of all the facts of record, the Board is permitted to approve the proposal under section 3(d) of the BHC Act.