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A gene on chromosome 22q11.1, which encodes a member of the BCL-2 family of cell death regulators. BID heterodimerises with either agonist BAX or antagonist BCL2. Caspase-8 cleaves BID, mediating mitochondrial damage when the COOH-terminal part translocates to mitochondria, triggering cytochrome c release.

bis in di·e

, bid (bis in dē'ā)
Twice a day.


Abbreviation for bis in die.
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We have looked through a proposal and determined which subfactors exhibit strengths, inadequacies, or deficiencies.
Carnegie's senior program officer in International Peace and Security, issued a call for proposals from any university, and found himself drawn to a UC Santa Cruz proposal to study the relationship between Islam and globalization.
Don't let your technical employees write a proposal that's meant to be a business proposal.
Under the proposal, the taxpayer may request a records review shortly after the return is filed.
In addition, one letter was against Proposal 1 (automatic sanctioning) but in favor of Proposal 2 (enhanced transparency).
A proposal body that backs up the claims of the executive summary crisply and without technobabble
As I noted in the last Washington Outlook (Autumn 1999), AMERICAN FORESTS has been urging members of Congress to include support for the Forest Service's Urban and Community Forestry Program and its Forest Legacy Program in legislative proposals that would use revenues from offshore oil receipts to increase funding for conservation programs, including the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).
For those affected by the previous registration requirements, this proposal would be overkill (requiring disclosure for registration purposes with the IRS as the transaction begins to be marketed, and additional disclosure to the IRS within 30 days of closing a transaction).
he petitioned NSF to revise its procedures for creating and reviewing grant proposal files and to inform applicants about file materials they're entitled to see.
The Bank Merger Act prohibits the Board from approving an application if the proposal would result in a monopoly or would be in furtherance of any attempt to monopolize the business of banking in any relevant banking market.
The 2004 draft includes a proposal to reduce the loss denial by the amount of the foreign exchange gain arising in the year of the loss denial on an obligation issued to acquire the share or the redemption, acquisition, or cancellation of shares issued to acquire the share or a gain on an agreement to hedge the taxpayer's foreign exchange exposure in respect of the share.