proportional mortality

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proportional mortality

Etymology: L, pro + portio, part, mortalis, subject to death
a statistical method of relating the number of deaths from a particular condition to all deaths within the same population group for the same period.


values expressed as a proportion of the total number of values in a series.

proportional dwarf
the patient is a miniature without disproportionate reductions or enlargements of body parts.
proportional morbidity
a percentage estimate of the morbidity of a disease in a group. See also proportional morbidity.
proportional mortality
the mortality rate due to a specific disease in a group expressed as a proportion of all of the causes of death in the group. See also mortality rate.
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Fisher's exact test was used to analyze pesticide data to test if the proportional mortality between treatments was significantly different.
2001 for example), in which proportional mortality due to predation decreases with increasing density (type-2 response) or increases initially with increasing density, reaches a zenith, and then decreases with increasing density (type-3 response) (Fig.

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