proportional counter

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pro·por·tion·al count·er

a Geiger-Müller counter operating in the voltage range and under conditions in which pulse height is proportional to the energy of the particles or rays being counted, thus making discrimination between particles or rays of different energies possible.
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The neutrons resulting from those fissions are slowed down (thermalised) in the polyethylene detector slabs (3 sides, surrounding the fuel element under test) and then detected in He-3 gas-filled proportional counters, embedded therein.
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation and warranty of : 1k multi channel analyzer, compatible with detectors like hpge, scintillation and proportional counters.
Providing proportional counters and alpha-beta multi-detector meters in favor of LASEM Toulon, Brest and Cherbourg and SPRS ILO (2 lots).