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(1) The number of people with a specific condition or attribute at a specified time divided by the total number of people in the population.
(2) The number or proportion of cases, events or conditions in a given population.
A term defined in the context of a 4-cell diagnostic matrix (2 X 2 table) as the amount of people with a disease, X, relative to a population.

Veterinary medicine
(1) A clinical estimate of the probability that an animal has a given disease, based on current knowledge (e.g., by history of physical exam) before diagnostic testing.
(2) As defined in a population, the probability at a specific point in time that an animal randomly selected from a group will have a particular condition, which is equivalent to the proportion of individuals in the group that have the disease. Group prevalence is calculated by dividing the number of individuals in a group that have a disease by the total number of individuals in the group at risk of the disease. Prevalence is a good measure of the amount of a chronic, low-mortality disease in a population, but is not of the amount of short duration or high-fatality disease. Prevalence is often established by cross-sectional surveys.


percentage or fraction of a whole. Often expressed also as a rate or ratio by comparison to a total or other population.

proportion differences
estimating the significance of differences between two proportional morbidities or mortalities.

Patient discussion about proportion

Q. I have found that my body weight has high proportion of water in total weight.. I have found that my body weight has high proportion of water in total weight, and it makes me to take less water and there by increasing my thirst, which in turn stresses my body a lot, what can I do to reduce this problem…..?

A. Your body has a way of compensating when it is lacking something. When you are dehydrated, your body will retain fluids, hence the excess water.
drink plenty of water daily and you will find that you will lose this puffiness as your body adjusts to getting what it needs.

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Perhaps bell-founding was one of those traditional crafts that had decayed for lack of practice, for in 1688 the dean and chapter were writing to Elias Ashmole for cash, showing an honesty that is both disarming (as, no doubt, it was intended to be) and remarkably modern in tone:'The deceitfulness of the ground first making our honest bell-founder lose his casting the four biggest, to the damage of pounds 30, and now his error in oversizing the eight bells he has cast, so far that they have swallowed up all the metal for the ten; and that requires pounds 80 more to be added to our poor fund for the other two bells, proportionable to that bigness.
but I have been shocked with the sight of a proportionable number of half-naked, half-starved women and children, with pale meagre faces, peeping out of their miserable huts, or lazing and lounging about after a few paltry screaming geese, or scabby worthless sheep.
M]y intuition is that my consent is not thus modifiable or proportionable (psychological exile is not exile): I cannot keep consent focused on the successes or graces of society; it reaches into every comer of society's failure or ugliness.