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All three patients had been given propofol - the same drug that killed singer Michael Jackson - at the Walton Centre and, according to a Cheshire Police spokesman, propofol infusion syndrome was listed as part of the cause of death in each case.
The report recommended changes to the way propofol was administered and stricter limits on how long coma patients should be given the drug, but concluded propofol infusion syndrome did not cause the three deaths.
In a retrospective review, Bray (10) identified the common features of propofol infusion syndrome.
A case of suspected non-ncurosurgical adult fatal propofol infusion syndrome.
The timing of these arrhythmias and hypotension is unusual in our case, as these are usually late manifestations of propofol infusion syndrome.
Impaired fatty acid oxidation in propofol infusion syndrome.
There have been several reports describing the propofol infusion syndrome (PRIS), which was originally described in children, in adult patients (1-3).
Propofol infusion syndrome is an often fatal syndrome which is increasingly described in adults receiving high-dose propofol for a longer period of time.