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CH3CH2CO-; the acyl radical of propionic acid.
Synonym(s): propanoyl
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Effect of propionyl carnitine on energy charge and adenine nucleotide content of cardiac endothelial cells during hypoxia.
This process, in combination with accurate mass data from the ESI-TOF, was used to identify the compound as propionyl carnitine.
After propionyl carnitine and its related ions (isotopes, the sodium adduct, a dimer, and fragments), the most significant feature differentiating disease from normal plasma has an m/z of 258, with a retention time of 32.
An effective strategy for elimination of propionyl groups.
Carnitine enhances excretion of propionyl coenzyme A as propionylcarnitine in propionic acidemia.
The supplement offers a therapeutic daily amount of Peak ATP (200 mg), along with 1000 mg of propionyl L-carnitine, which is another ingredient indicated for endothelial cell health.
Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine Hydrochloride (US Pat.
8 time for the propionyl ester iodide solution is estimated at ~2 years.
The total-ion chromatographs of the propionyl derivatives of codeine and morphine, the propionyl-oxime derivatives of hydromorphone and oxycodone, and the methoxime derivative of hydrocodone are shown in Fig.
Improved GC/MS method for simultaneous identification and quantitation of opiates in urine as propionyl and oxime derivatives [Abstract].
The compound was extracted using a procedure similar to morphine and was detected as the propionyl derivative.