prophylaxis paste

pro·phy·lax·is paste

(prō-fi-lak'sis pāst)
Compound containing a mild abrasive (and sometimes fluoride), used professionally to remove dental plaque and extrinsic stains, polish teeth, and to minimize plaque accumulation and retention.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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Their properties are suited for packaging dental varnish and prophylaxis paste. COC films are also being used as an alternative to Barex[R] in a variety of animal health applications.
* Group II: prophylaxis paste (Sultan; Topex, NJ, USA)+37% orthophosphoric acid (Condicionador Dental Gel; Dentsply, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)+primer and adhesive (Transbond XT; 3M Unitek, Monrovia, USA);
Soyman, "Influence of a prophylaxis paste on surface roughness of different composites, porcelain, enamel and dentin surfaces," European Journal of Dentistry, vol.
NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis Paste by DENTSPLY contains NovaMin, a calcium phosphate crafted to relieve sensitivity, provide stain removal, and is dye and gluten free, the company says.