Colloq. jargon for prophylaxis.
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It can be challenging to talk about the reduction of risk factors or why the SRP is needed instead of a prophy.
MPL PDCMD manufactures fluoride varnish, prophy paste and other materials used in preventive and restorative dental procedures.
Designed with a hygienist's needs in mind, the extended line of PerfectPearl contra disposable prophy angles was manufactured with the patented Hawe cup design.
com)-- At this 16th annual Continuing Dental Education program (CDE), attendees received samples of sterilization pouches, prophy paste, face masks, patient bibs, bite trays, micro applicators and air/water 3-way syringe tips.
The company's consumables product offering includes disposable and metal prophy angles, prophy cups and brushes, dental micro-applicators, moisture control products, infection control products, dental drills, endodontic systems, orthodontic toothbrushes, flavored examination gloves, children's toothbrushes, and children's toothpastes.
Key ingredients include ProLuminex crystals, billed by Colgate as its highest level of high performance whitening silica; Prophy Silica micro-buffers, an ingredient similar to what dentists use; and ProMinerals complex, which is comprised of the highest level of fluoride available in a daily toothpaste without a prescription, according to the company.
Lares Research introduces the new Pastel Prophy Handpiece.
Designed to make dental hygiene procedures fast and easy, the iStar is the first true cordless prophy handpiece that allows full freedom of movement and is compatible with all disposable prophy angles.
Colgate[R] PROCLINICAL[TM] Daily Cleaning is formulated with Prophy Silica[TM] micro-buffers - an ingredient similar to what dentists use.
Twist 2 It, based in Woodside, New York, designs, markets and sells a unique, patented, disposable prophy angle for the cleaning and polishing of teeth, that eliminates the splatter of saliva, blood and other potential infectious matter.