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pro·pyl al·co·hol

a solvent for resins and cellulose esters.
Synonym(s): propanol
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(prō′pə-nôl′, -nōl′)
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The repellency rate of acetone, propanol, ethanol, methanol, and distilled water solvents extract of three plants showed insignificance at different time after treatment (Table 4).
(i) Attenuation coefficients ([alpha]) of binary mixture of aniline with methanol is lower while compared to binary mixture of ethanol and propanol with aniline.
Butanol, propanol, and methanol were included in the screening formulation at 14.6% of the total amount of ethanol (which is at 3% of the total formulation weight).
The same procedure was repeated byvarying the surfactants concentrations, ratios of oil/cosurfactant, oil phases (hexane, olein palm oil, sunflower oil, and oleic acid), cosurfactants (methanol, propanol, butanol, and acetone), and ratios of water/oil.
Mr Carney gave a narrative verdict and recorded his death was as a result of propanol and mirtazapine.
Oxea has started the construction of a new world-scale propanol unit at its production site at Bay City, Texas.
Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), L-ascorbic acid (Vc), phos-phoryl trichloride (POCl3), ethoxyethane (Et20), methanol (MeOH), glycerol (G), propanol (PA), butanol (BA), urea (Ur), ammonium hydrogen carbonate (NH4HCO3), ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3), sodium chloride (NaCl), sodium acrylate (AANa), triethylamine (TEA), and tetrahydrofu-ran (THF) were analytical grade and purchased from Xi'an Chemical Reagent Plant, China.
The efficiency of the alcohols, namely methanol, ethanol and propanol, on destruction of metachromasy was studied as shown in figures 8 and 9, 50% methanol, 40% ethanol, 30% 2-propanol were required to reverse metachromasy in Pheparin system.
The cells were washed twice with 2 mL phosphate-buffered saline and 1 mL acidic propanol (0.1 N HCl in absolute propanol) added to each well.