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Referring to studies that provide an introduction to science; preparatory instruction
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Arts were in other words considered as propaedeutics, basis or general cultural preparation for the study of philosophy which was considered as a synthesis of complete knowledge, an ideal to which all efforts of the human thought should aspire.
He quotes a passage from al-Farabi's Epistle on What Ought to Precede the State of Philosophy, where a moral propaedeutics (reform of character traits) is required, exactly as Ibn 'Adi's Reformation of Morals proposes.
At a mundane level, the most important questions for literary studies -- the questions that go to the heart of its connection to the world -- have to do not with research and the higher reaches of disciplinary development, but with undergraduate teaching and the question of what might count as useful knowledge for a literary propaedeutics. The answer to that question is, I believe, less the imparting of systematic information than the teaching of a practice -- a practice of `reading' in the broadest sense -- which would meet three conditions: it must be at once continuous with and richer than untutored practice; it must have a theoretical foundation which can be generalised; and it must be able to be extrapolated from `literary' texts to other discursive kinds.
The theological trend that could act as a critical propaedeutics of the idea of critical history in Africa is the famous theology of process.
(2) Wydzial Nauk o Zdrowiu, Katedra Pielegniarstwa, Zaklad Propedeutyki Pielegniarstwa / School of Health Sciences, Chair of Nursing, Department of Nursing Propaedeutics