pronation of foot

pro·na·tion of foot

eversion and abduction of the foot, raising the lateral edge.
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There are also different theories to describe the pathomechanism of this syndrome; Sommer and Vallentyne proposed pronation of foot at subtalar joint due to a varus malforma tion induced by posterior tibialis tightness or peroneus longus weakness as a cause for MTSS (17).
Navicular drop test is an indicator of pronation of foot. In our study mean of NDT was significantly lower in MTSS group (NDT: 4.22 [+ or -] 3.22 mm) than in control group (NDT: 6.24 [+ or -] 2.79 mm); though both were in normal ranges (P value: 0.015).
have investigated the effect of hyper pronation of foot on pelvis and distal limbs at four positions of standing with neutral ankle on earth, 10, 15 and 20 degree of pronation.