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1. Prominent.
2. anatomy denoting a prominence.
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proxima (Kulczynski 1885)--bo; Cercidia prominens (Westring 1851)--po; Cyclosa conica (Pallas 1771)--bo-ne, although absent in NE Siberia (east of Lena river); Hypsosinga pygmaea (Sundevall 1831)--po; Larinioides cornutus (Clerck 1757)--po; L.
We then added the 14 newly coded, scale-based taxa along with one ingroup species, Eestilepis prominens, that had been coded for our 2004 study but omitted because of wild-card behaviour.
When the 14 scale-based taxa as well as Eestilepis prominens, known from a partially articulated squamation, were added to the analysis, the data matrix contained 39 thelodont species and three outgroup taxa, coded for 52 characters.
Unlike our experience with Poracanthodes menneri, the new data matrix was much more successful in placing Eestilepis prominens with consistency, giving a similar relationship for this species in all shortest trees, despite its large proportion of missing data.
The revised data matrix was able to place Eestilepis prominens with confidence; that species had acted as a wild-card and had been eliminated from the earlier analysis (Wilson & Marss 2004).