proliferative myositis

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pro·lif·er·a·tive my·o·si·tis

a rapidly growing benign infiltrating fibrous nodule in skeletal muscle, containing characteristic giant cells resembling ganglion cells.
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proliferative myositis

A rare intramuscular inflammatory condition with a pseudosarconomatous appearance, which is characterised by rapid growth and diffuse infiltration of the muscle of the upper extremities and trunk, often in a background of trauma. Proliferative myositis has a characteristic “checkerboard” pattern of distribution in the muscle fibres and surrounding connective tissue, which can be identified by ultrasonography and computed tomography and is confirmed on the pathology specimen.
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The imaging features of proliferative myositis on various modalities are typically that of a nonspecific intramuscular inflammatory process.
(6) Hasan et al, however, described a case of proliferative myositis that displayed linear reticulated hypodensities on CT characteristic of the "checkerboard-like" pattern.
The key in diagnosing proliferative myositis lies in identifying the preserved continuous muscle bundles, which are a specific finding not described in other similar diagnoses or in soft tissue malignancies.

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