proliferative fasciitis

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inflammation of a fascia.
necrotizing fasciitis a fulminating group A streptococcal infection beginning with severe or extensive cellulitis that spreads to involve the superficial and deep fascia, producing thrombosis of the subcutaneous vessels and gangrene of the underlying tissues. A cutaneous lesion usually serves as a portal of entry for the infection, but sometimes no such lesion is found.
nodular fasciitis (proliferative fasciitis) a benign, reactive proliferation of fibroblasts in the subcutaneous tissues and commonly associated with the deep fascia.
pseudosarcomatous fasciitis a benign soft tissue tumor occurring subcutaneously and sometimes arising from deep muscle and fascia.
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pro·lif·er·a·tive fas·ci·i·tis

a benign rapidly growing subcutaneous nodule characterized by proliferation of fibroblasts and basophilic giant cells slightly resembling ganglion cells.
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nodular fasciitis

A benign, rapidly growing reactive proliferation of fibroblasts in the deep dermis/subcutis on the arms, trunk, or neck of young adults (mean age 34), usually measuring < 3 cm. 

Dermatofibroma, DFSP, other fasciitides (fibroma of tendon sheath, intravascular, parosteal), fibromatosis, fibrosarcoma, fibrous histiocytoma, inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour, leiomyosarcoma, myxoid tumours, spindle-cell sarcoma.
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It was first described in 1955 by Konwaler et al, who called the lesion subcutaneous pseudosarcomatous fibromatosis, t In the early 1960s, the disease became known as nodular fasciitis; other terms used in the literature include proliferative fasciitis, infiltrative fasciitis, productive fasciitis, subcutaneous fibromatosis, and nodular fibrositis.

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