proliferation therapy

pro·lif·er·a·tion ther·a·py

rehabilitation of an incompetent structure (ligament or tendon) by the induced proliferation of new cells; accomplished by injecting an irritating substance into the loose ligament or tendon, the resulting scar formation and contracture serving to tighten up the ligament or tendon as scar tissue proliferates; rarely used.
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Prolotherapy, (short for proliferation therapy), is a non-surgical procedure for stimulating natural strengthening and healing of ligaments and tendons.
"I could not even brush my teeth or comb my hair." After numerous treatments, including steroid injections, Eman heard of a new treatment called "proliferation therapy".
Dr Suad Trebinjac, Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Rashid Hospital, has been frequently visiting the US to seek training in proliferation therapy.
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