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Relating to prolepsis.
Synonym(s): subintrant


Relating to prolepsis.


(prō-lĕp′sīs) [Gr. pro, before, + lepsis, a seizure]
The return of paroxysmal attacks at successively shorter intervals.
proleptic, adjective
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The historical ambiguities that surround Wilde's religious conversion in relation to his novelistic conversion are proleptic (in Girardian terms) of a world in which a mimetic contagion has blurred all differences, including the boundaries between fact and fiction, art and life.
That the paintings have a proleptic function had already been observed (Friedlander 1912, 47 ff.
In a proleptic age of incessant Fortschritt, whole generations of the German bourgeoisie were finding new places, times, and indeed subjectivities through their performative use of technology.
The odd fact is that this aesthetic shift was, biographically speaking, proleptic insofar as it began before the disasters--the studio fire, cancer and a car crash--that befell him at the end.
Joan Ramon Resina is more forceful (and contemporary) with his analysis of the scene: "This is Clarin's version of Certeau's scopic god on the top of the World Trade Center, another proleptic analogy which, just as eerily as the Nuremberg towers, inspired theory before succumbing to manmade destruction.
Examples include "consider" (which is related to stars, as in "sidereal"), "disastrous" (also related to stars), and "insinuating," which used of the serpent in Paradise means "moving in sinuous coils," but is also ominously proleptic of sin.
As part of a self-conscious effort to eschew the perniciously proleptic approach that justified the myth of the post-1845 Schumann as creatively impaired madman-in-becoming, Perrey deliberately sidesteps critical evaluation of the late work.
17) But his purview is entirely proleptic, because he remembers the original production as profoundly ambiguous, and current (nineteenth-century) productions as insistently didactic and domestic.
Man, as a time-binder, has the innate capacity to transcend his limitations and move ahead in life through his analeptic and proleptic visions.
In this proleptic form, research proposals, market boosterism, non-fictional futurology, and science fictions are hard to distinguish.
Words, phrases, beliefs, traditional histories and narratives may all be there, but the proleptic elegy assumes the original speaker has passed.
25) The identification with the spell-binding Othello, whose very rudeness, which he is defending before the Duke of Venice, is the source of the witchcraft which has seduced Desdemona away from her father, is an intriguing and proleptic instance of self-aggrandizement, in which EBB is both captivated by, and (through her act of quotation) the source of, a language of fascination.