projection system

pro·jec·tion sys·tem

the system of axons carrying stimuli from one portion of the nervous system to other portions.
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Invitation to Bid: Equipment Project for a Video Projection System for Room ii
A projection system color-codes each type of nested piece by size and shape for easy location, picking and binning.
4 for extensive renovations that include a state-of-the-art full-dome projection system and new open floor plan with movable seats.
THIS is the Mercedes-Benz people carrier of the future, complete with a "lounge" and hologram projection system.
said Wednesday it has launched a new, high-resolution digital cinema projection system for mid- to small-sized movie theaters and public halls, including those in emerging markets.
The interactive floor projection system transforms any ordinary flooring into an interactive experience for wedding guests.
Huge projection system and 40 other TV's throughout the establishment with all the sports packages for your patrons enjoyment.
Nashua-based Sky-Skan won for its latest product, a new planetarium projection system called Definiti 3D 8K, which combines 24 high-definition video streams into a single dome projection system.
We propose AggPro, an aggregate projection system that forms a projection for a player's performance by weighting the player's projections from the existing projection systems.
The 3M SCP716 (Super Close Projection System) provides short-throw projection with the capability of projecting an image from three and a half feet away that is the same size as one a conventional device can project from 10 feet.
Z-Laser Optoelektronik GmbH in Germany announced its new "MPS" 3D mapping and laser projection system. It combines 3D camera measurement with laser projection.
The projection system is controlled by a computer array that delivers content to multiple projectors installed in the lounge's ceiling.