projection system

pro·jec·tion sys·tem

the system of axons carrying stimuli from one portion of the nervous system to other portions.
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A projection system color-codes each type of nested piece by size and shape for easy location, picking and binning.
4 for extensive renovations that include a state-of-the-art full-dome projection system and new open floor plan with movable seats.
THIS is the Mercedes-Benz people carrier of the future, complete with a "lounge" and hologram projection system.
said Wednesday it has launched a new, high-resolution digital cinema projection system for mid- to small-sized movie theaters and public halls, including those in emerging markets.
The interactive floor projection system transforms any ordinary flooring into an interactive experience for wedding guests.
Nashua-based Sky-Skan won for its latest product, a new planetarium projection system called Definiti 3D 8K, which combines 24 high-definition video streams into a single dome projection system.
We propose AggPro, an aggregate projection system that forms a projection for a player's performance by weighting the player's projections from the existing projection systems.
The 3M SCP716 (Super Close Projection System) provides short-throw projection with the capability of projecting an image from three and a half feet away that is the same size as one a conventional device can project from 10 feet.
Z-Laser Optoelektronik GmbH in Germany announced its new "MPS" 3D mapping and laser projection system. It combines 3D camera measurement with laser projection.
The projection system is controlled by a computer array that delivers content to multiple projectors installed in the lounge's ceiling.