progressive-resistance exercise

pro·gres·sive-re·sis·tance ex·er·cise

(PRE) (prŏ-gres'iv-rĕ-zis'tăns ek'sĕr-sīz)
The practical application of the overload principle to improve muscular strength and size. Resistance is gradually and continually increased to keep pace with strength gains as training progresses.
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The absence of any difference between groups receiving progressive-resistance therapy and active-assistance therapy may simply mean that this robotic form of progressive-resistance exercise was not optimal in terms of duration, repetition, or intensity; for example, one limitation of this study was the relatively modest amount of resistance provided by the robot (for safety reasons).
As the world moved on, all of this primordial stuff began disappearing and the magic called weight-training stepped up to the bar (bells), dumbbells, progressive-resistance exercises, and weight machines.

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