progressive processes

pro·gress·ive pro·cess·es

processes that continue after they no longer serve the needs of the organism, and after cessation of the stimulus that evoked the process.
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Kostovski told Alsat-M that he would honor all positive legal provisions in the Republic of Macedonia and that the Official Gazette would not be an impediment to the progressive processes that the Republic of Macedonia set out on.
That's why the right, the continent's elites, have launched a conservative restoration to block the integrationist and progressive processes. [They have come up with things] such as the Alianza del Pacifico, which is pure neoliberalism, to challenge the Union de Naciones Suramericanas (UNASUR)."
The renowned competition displays a wide range of engineering, specialty, and commodity materials, while representing products manufactured from a variety of progressive processes. Awards are presented to those companies entering the most innovative commercial products in their market category.
National One, the second highest level in the land, is a downright mess as a result of what the Premiership have been allowed to do to the natural progressive processes. Rotherham 102, Moseley 3.

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