progressive loading

progressive loading,

n the gradual increase of an external mechanical force on an artificial restoration and, consequently, the implant.
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Progressive loading tools went quickly from "can't afford it" to "can't afford not to have it.
Here's a laundry list of observations I put together that make progressive loading easier, more reliable, and safer.
I cannot begin to relate all the problems I helped consumers troubleshoot where someone jumped from zero experience to progressive loading.
It was found that the modified scratch test could be used to effectively evaluate individual layer responses to the scratch test over a wide range of loads and damage types due to the progressive loading nature of the above test method (25).
KeyShot will produce the individual images of the VR content, the HTML code for integration into any website and the JavaScript to support progressive loading of images.
In a progressive loading machine, you probably won't notice it in time, and the next bullet will crash into the wedged bullet, seating it tighter and wedging the second bullet to the bottom of its case.
The other thing that shaped history was the arrival of a progressive loading tool anyone could afford.
At the other end of the spectrum we'll find an assortment of progressive loading tools with ever increasing sophistication and capacity.
Some of the bulkier powders, such as Alliant Blue Dot, may bounce out of the case if used in a progressive loading press, and the large flakes do not meter as smoothly as the smaller grain powders, but it can be done.
A new feature is a foot-operated device for progressive loading.
One of the better kept secrets in handloading is that Redding makes a die set specifically designed for users of Dillon progressive loading tools.
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