progress curve

pro·gress curve

a graphic representation of a chemical or enzyme-catalyzed reaction in which the product concentration or the substrate concentration or the ES binary complex is plotted against time.
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From the PSI, reaction to bacterial wilt was then calculated using the area under disease progress curve (AUDPC) as per the formula according to Campbell and Madden [20]:
From the data obtained, progress curves were plotted for the disease incidence and severity, and the epidemics were compared in relation to the onset of symptoms (EOS), maximum incidence and severity (Imax and Smax) and Area Under the Incidence Progress Curve (AUIPC) and Severity (AUSPC).
Area under disease progress curve (AUDPC) was calculated for each treatment from the assessment of disease incidence by using the following formula:
It is worth noting that, under any condition in which an atypical full progress curve was observed, the magnitude of the velocity calculated from the maximal slope at the apparent steady-state segment of the curve was significantly lower than that predicted from the rate equation for a ping-pong bi bi kinetic mechanism (Figure 7), both at a low (Figure 7(a)) and at a high NADPH (Figure 7(b)) concentration.
Observations for slow rusting traits such as Final rust severity (FRS), Area Under Rust Progress Curve (Milus and Line, 1986), Coefficient of infection and Infection Rate (Brorers, 1989) were recorded.
This study presents a comparison of several measures of stability applied for rAUDPC (relative area under the disease progress curve) values, which describes the rate of late blight development on plants of 22 cultivars examined in 13 environments.
Tables 2 and 3 show the percentage inhibition of diameter growth (PIDG), daily growth rate (TX) and area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC).
Kalman filter forecasting model uses a baseline plan and accounts for the cumulative progress curve that represents the amount of work to be completed at a time point.
With the OS mean values, the area under the disease progress curve (AUDPC) was calculated from the integration of the disease progress curves and the healthy leaf area duration (HLAD), according to Eqs.
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