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1. A formal set of procedures for conducting an activity.
2. An ordered list of instructions directing a computer to carry out a sequence of operations required to solve a problem or process data.
3. A planned learning activity for patients, providers, or others involved in health care.
Synonym(s): programme.

program, programme

a planned course of action, e.g. herd health program, production program.

public program
a disease control program available to all members of the public, e.g. rabies control, tuberculosis eradication.
whole farm program
one which takes into account all of the enterprises on a farm and presents a financial accounting of the farm as a whole.
References in classic literature ?
He did intend to enclose the illustrated programme of the forthcoming Sing-song, whereof he was not a little proud.
Even Bert and Grubb forgot it, and ignored the next item on the programme altogether.
As the day for the opening of the Exposition drew near, the Board of Directors began preparing the programme for the opening exercises.
This programme of extermination was so terrible that the prisoners looked upon one another in a panic of fear.
Ernestine held up her programme and studied it deeply.
Prince Maiyo held out his hand for Penelope's programme.
Your programme," he remarked, "presupposes that I have no ambitions beyond the pursuit of pleasure.
The black tulip has been grown; here it is before your eyes, coming up to all the conditions required by the programme of the Horticultural Society of Haarlem.
Joan had joined with Sheldon from the start in the programme that they must be gripped with the strong hand, and at the same time be treated with absolute justice, if they were to escape being contaminated by the older boys that still remained.
Ends was choking, and it was not until the grip on his throat was eased that he was able to signify his acquiescence in the digging-up programme.

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