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In the normal direction of flow, in contrast with retrograde.
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Thus, several authors suggest that the accumulation of sandy deposits in a fluvially dominated, prograding delta is the most possible sedimentary environment for the Sietini Fm.
The Higueruelas and Villar del Arzobispo Fms were deposited in a prograding carbonate platform affected by storms with an upwards decrease in oncoid development and increase in siliciclastic discharges from continental areas.
Further, both of these spots showed similar rapidly prograding longitudinal drifts with respect to System 3.
This dates the isolation of the ridge at the prograding beach edge above regular tides by about the sixth century AD.
How much a beach is eroding or prograding in any given location is due to some combination of these factors, which vary from place to place.
had suggested a prograding upward sequence for the Patala Formation.
A high proportion of these occur in the most actively prograding areas in conjunction with recently formed estuarine wetlands.
The formation delineates prograding clastic wedges that were associated with the Devonian Acadian orogeny (e.
Dramatic landscape change during this period, as sea levels stabilised and coastal plains began prograding seaward, with the decline of the Big Swamp Phase, was accompanied by important cultural changes.
At the time that Lapita designs appeared, the mid-Holocene networks were probably undergoing change firstly, due to the rapidly prograding shoreline and advancing Sepik-Ramu floodplain (Chappell 2005), which cut off direct ties between the New Guinea highlands and the coast and, secondly, as a consequence of the Witori W-K2 volcanic eruption in New Britain that must have seriously disrupted social groups in that region (e.
During the Olympia interglacial period most of the basin was filled with sediment and then subsequently excavated during the Fraser Glaciation, except for a group of isolated banks; the southern basin was partially filled by the prograding Fraser River Delta during the Holocene.