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In the normal direction of flow, in contrast with retrograde.
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The Toleston Beach has prograded basin-ward since the Nipissing high, and incorporates the Little and Grand Calumet Rivers.
The depocenter of the proximal Castellon Sands is subdivided in two linked maxima (Figure 3), probably due to strong SW dispersal of sediment parallel to the coastline by strong longshore marine currents, such as occur today These sediments are interpreted as distal fluvial plain-coastal deposits grading laterally into a siliciclastic continental shelf wedge of siliciclastic sediment that prograded towards the E-SE.
Anadara granosa-dominated mound and midden sites occur in distinct clusters, largely along the raised laterite ridge bordering the former shallow, prograded embayment of Grindall Bay.
To the north, in Andrews County, Texas, strata interpreted to be equivalent to the upper Wristen formed a thick carbonate platform on which a series of carbonate build-ups and related shallow water carbonates accumulated and prograded into deeper water environments at the margin (Ruppel, 1991).
The previous very shallow coastal salina was prograded by a distal lower alluvial plain, with generally small and shallow channels, with ephemeral but intense floods.
Allen's geoarchaeological analysis suggests that we may be looking in the wrong places for coastal trading settlements, since the coastlines of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula have prograded rapidly.
Analysis of the aerial photographs shows that the delta front in the vicinity of the channel mouth prograded 1.
Finally, this delta prograded towards the north (Cuchia).
During the late Early Aptian, this delta system (the 'Cuchia Delta') prograded northwards and became the locus of shallow water carbonate deposition later on (upper Lower Aptian San Esteban Limestone Formation).
These are found on low lying prograded samphire plains.