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In the normal direction of flow, in contrast with retrograde.
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represents a distributary channel of a delta that prograded into the
The depositional environment for the shaly Cunard Formation of the lower Halifax Group has generally been interpreted as the midor upper-fan region of a muddy deep-marine fan that prograded over the Goldenville Group (Schenk 1971; Stow et al.
The chenier plain at Princess Charlotte Bay prograded over the last 6000 years with alternating periods of mud deposition and chenier ridge formation.
Baker (1981: 37) suggests that the embayment prograded rapidly during the period of formation of the beach-ridges, and more slowly as the chenier plain developed.
To the north, in Andrews County, Texas, strata interpreted to be equivalent to the upper Wristen formed a thick carbonate platform on which a series of carbonate build-ups and related shallow water carbonates accumulated and prograded into deeper water environments at the margin (Ruppel, 1991).
Supply of Mira terrane clasts was so rapid and/or voluminous that it prograded the entire extensional basin, depositing on its far margin as represented by the Petit Anse-Gros Nez section.
Analysis of the aerial photographs shows that the delta front in the vicinity of the channel mouth prograded 1.
In the Hillsborough area, core, wireline, and seismic data suggest high relief lacustrine delta systems periodically prograded from the NNE toward the Albert Mines depocentre where the oil shales accumulated.