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In the normal direction of flow, in contrast with retrograde.
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Open-water intervals are overlain by both poorly drained and well-drained deposits, suggesting that there was not always a substantial wetland area flanking the shoreline and that open-water sedimentation ceased by infilling of the lake and progradation of a muddy shoreline.
Second, temporal patterns in the formation of mound groups show that despite the existence of earlier mound deposits, discard foci shifted seaward--towards estuaries--in contexts in which shorelines moved as a result of progradation. Third, 51% of ecosystems within 500-metre buffer areas around all shell matrix sites are specifically coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, estuaries or other ecosystems associated with coastal plains and saline swamps.
The progradation of fans and denudation deduced from the gravel dispersal suggests that the Recent and Sub-recent deposits are continually uplifted, due to deformation along the Salt Range Thrust.
Such a sedimentary switch might represent the local progradation of higher energy transverse deposits over lower energy axial or centripetal systems, not a Zagros wide pulse of deformation.
The basin had evolved through a deep foreland basin ('flysch') phase during late Eocene-Oligocene times, followed by post-Oligocene ('molasse') phase of shallow marine shelf progradation to present day.
These include: gas, gravel, gull, heron, land use, progradation, renewable energy, tern, wader, and waste management.
Raynolds and Johnson (1985) calculated a rate of southward progradation of lateral facies changes up to 30 m/1000 years together with the southward advancement of basin depo-centers at rates of over 20 m/1000 years in the Potwar Plateau of Pakistan.
The beaches are prograding in many parts of the shoreline, and there is a net progradation in most areas of the Sachs Harbour community, except for Cape Kellett and the Duck Hawk Bluffs (Belliveau, 2007).
The second phase (late Miocene to mid Pleistocene) is characterized by progradation of slope, shelf and plains.
They also concluded that spatial patterns in heavy metals on the surfaces of tidal flats are important because they provide evidence of current contaminant levels, plus historical patterns resulting from the seaward progradation of tidal flat deposits, while Brack (11) and Johannesson, (12) used river bottom sediments to monitor environmental change, historical pollution trends and mapping anthropogenic and natural influences on river and estuarine systems.
describe Black Sea coastal geomorphological changes associated with sea level rise, delta progradation and delta lobe shifts modifying the living conditions and habitability in the Danube delta during Neolithic to Chalcolithic time.
The establishment of extensive seagrass meadows led to the rapid accumulation of marine and estuarine sediments, resulting in coastal progradation throughout the late Holocene (Edmonds 1995).