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In the normal direction of flow, in contrast with retrograde.
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8), may have resulted from current pattern changes related to the rapid progradation of the Fraser River Delta into the southern strait during the Holocene.
The two embayments were combined until the early part of the Algoma phase when shoreline progradation intercepted a bedrock high in the center of the embayment that extends southeastward to Stoney Point.
The progradation of gravelly braidplain deposits into northeastern Ohio (producing a coarsening-upward sequence) may suggest reduced tectonic subsidence for the Appalachian foreland basin at this time in this region, as supported by studies suggesting southward shifting of tectonic loads in the Alleghenian fold-and-thrust belt at this time (Robinson and Prave 1995).
These two units are interpreted to record rapid development of a beach on top of the mound, perhaps by progradation from a nearby island or by a drop in sea level.
The objectives of the study were to document the rate of progradation of the delta into the reservoir; to define the volume, mass and morphology of the deltaic deposit; and to provide details of the textural composition of the delta surface.
Deep down-cutting of the major rivers such as the Zambezi, Limpopo and Nile, and rapid progradation of their deltas, can be dated to this period (Burke 1996; Moctar Doucoure & de Wit Maarten 2003).
Progradation culminated in shallow-water sands that represent thin shorefaces and small delta lobes derived from the associated channels.
Shoreline progradation and eolian dune development has continued through to modern time (Figure 6C).
She concludes that extensive coastal progradation has altered the landscape considerably in this region in the past 600 years, and that we may be looking for these sites in the wrong places; they are probably located inland from the contemporary coastline (Allen 1991, 1998).
Subsequent siltation and coastal progradation reduced the extent of tidal influence and the mangroves retreated towards the coast and the edges of waterways.
In closer proximity to the structures, increasing profile volume gain to significant gain and shoreline progradation (growth of dry beach) occurs immediately adjacent and within the extent of the experimental structure (profiles 5-17).