A nodule or mass resulting from displacement of tissue when atavism occurs in embryonic development; represents a reversion to structures not normally occurring in the individuals of a species, but observed in ancestral forms of that species.
[pro- + G. gonos, offspring, + -oma, tumor]
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These synonyms included melanotic progonoma, melanotic hamartoma, melanoameloblastoma, melanotic adamantinoma, congenital melanocarcinoma, and retinal anlage tumor.
Congenital melanocarcinoma, melanotic adamantinoma, retinal anlage tumor, progonoma, and pigmented epulis of infancy.
Some similar morphologic characteristics between jawbone tumors in cattle and the infant neuroectodermal melanocytic progonoma are mentioned (WISEMAN et al., 1977).
Melanocitic neuro-ectodermal tumour of infancy (melanocytic progonoma) in two calves.