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to give a prognosis; called also prognose.
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To give a prognosis.
Synonym(s): prognose
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verb To project the outcome of a particular condition based on prior outcomes of similar cases.
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Q. My friend has Progressive MS, he is bound to a wheelchair, Prognosis? How can I help? He must be moved by a Hoyer Lift, he has caregivers. He has a beautiful voice and does have enough ability to move in his chair around local community. He has some bad days with spacicity, I want to help but am unsure as to how? He is 60? or so and lives on his own, he has had MS for many years and a number of complications, such as pneumonia and decubitus. Please help me to help him!

A. There are a number of ideas and resources for social and recreational activities (i.e. wheelchair sports, dancing, travel, aviation, etc.) that may be helpful, which can be found at

Q. One of my friends is diagnosed as prognosis. Is it related to fibromyalgia? One of my friends is diagnosed as prognosis. Is it related to fibromyalgia? What really a prognosis is? He finds it as life-impacting. So please help me to comfort him!

A. Yes he may feel as disabled and life impacting. But it’s not an all time worrying problem. Long-term follow-up studies have shown that fibromyalgia is chronic, but the symptoms may wax and wane. The impact that fibromyalgia can have on daily living activities, including the ability to work a full-time job, differs among patients. Overall, studies have shown that fibromyalgia can be as disabling and life-impacting as rheumatoid arthritis.

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Table 1 Examples of climate changes and their influences Expected changes Expected influences Higher maxim, temperatures, + Cases of death and more warm days and heat waves serious illnesses in the through the whole planet case of adults and homeless + Risk of drought + The need for electric cooling Prognoses: Most likely higher min.
Die in der Bevolkerung gefuhrten Debatten mogen fur die EU sinnvoll sein, um eine Idee von den Sorgen und Angsten ihrer Burger zu erhalten--um eine Prognose abzugeben, ob die Turkei beitreten wird, eignen sie sich jedoch allesamt nicht.
"Prognose will enable us to create more energy efficient designs for our clients while accurately evaluating potential ROIs and CO2 footprints for different facility scenarios."
Spoor bleef volharden in een optimistische prognose. TNI en Republik waren, zo meende Spoor, geen factor meer, en ontbeerden volkssteun; de guerrilla was een zaak van bendewezen.
This would have not been so bad if we only had the valid, reliable tools to prognose effectively the ultimate functional status of the patient.
The authors study possibilities of FHWA model application to prognose the noise level caused by transport and to evaluate it in India.
Nach seiner Prognose wurde die Aufdeckung der Entstehungsgeschichte des Denkens zu dem Resultat fuhren, dass das, was man jetzt die Welt nenne, das Resultat einer Menge von Irrtumern und Phantasien sei, zu denen auch die Lehre vom Ding an sich gehore: "Vielleicht erkennen wir dann, dass das Ding an sich eines homerischen Gelachters wert ist: dass es so viel wie Alles zu bedeuten schien und eigentlich leer, namlich bedeutungslos ist." (9) Zu den abzuraumenden Irrtumern hatte Nietzsche hier auch den Glauben an die Kausalitat oder den Satz, dass Wirkung auf eine Ursache zuruckgehe, aufzahlen konnen, wie er es bereits in M II Nr.
Die NRA gibt in einem vorlaufigen Bericht fur das Jahr 2010 einen 1,2%igen Ruckgang fur die Gastronomie seit 2008 an, eine positive Prognose, die von $580 Milliarden--einem Anstieg von 2,5% in aktuellem Dollarwert ausgeht, was nach der Angleichung an die Inflation "tatsachlich wenig ist".
Junto ao perigo, enquanto caracteristica dos delitos de perigo concreto, esta tambem a chamada prognose postuma objetiva como criterio delimitador.