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A score reflecting the number of visible lesions in a region on chest radiographs of individuals with pneumoconiosis. See: International Classification of Radiographs of the Pneumoconioses.
[L. profusio, a pouring forth, fr. profundo, to pour forth]
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To order by debit/credit card call 0844 448 2451 quoting SM01619 or send a cheque made payable to MGN SM01619 to Callicarpa Profusion Offer (SM01619), PO Box 64, South West District Office, Manchester, M16 9HY or visit mirrorreaderoffers.
The company specializes in OEM of all color cosmetics, and its focused experience puts Profusion on the leading edge of such markets as the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Australia and South Africa.
The acquired business will now operate as ProFusion Industries LLC, focusing on the production and distribution of polymer-based products for various sectors like speciality industrial, transportation and commercial building products.
com)-- With its show floor expanded to over 50,000 square feet, ProFusion 2012 is expanding it's scope this year to feature world-renowned presenters and vendors to spotlight the ever-growing broadcast and production industry.
Utilizing ProFusion, our proprietary compression molding system, Xycomp DLF has the capability to form complex shapes with excellent resistance to aerospace fluids, high temperatures and high vibrations for extended component life.
Summary: New York, June 14, 2010, SPA -- Street gangs have mostly defeated crack-downs such as increased police sweeps, curfews and longer prison terms for gang leaders, while taking advantage of the profusion of small arms and light weapons around the world, dpa cited a study.
Compumedics announces release of Scheduler for Profusion NeXus.
PROfusion is Adnexus' proprietary protein design engine, with which trillions of protein variations can be engineered at one time.
Featuring a profusion of impressive photography by Eduardo Fuss, "Authentic Recipes From Santa Fe" is co-authored by Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach who have compiled and edited a cornucopia of culinary dishes from some of the top restaurants in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
The profusion of 'infobits' about the various and diverse characters range from the Hulk's real name, to how Spiderman gained his superpowers, to a list of Woverine's most dangerous enemies.
A profusion of candid shots picture her relationships with her husband, children, and dominating mother-in-law.
If you have something to sell or are looking for something to buy as part of your own online entrepreneurial venture utilizing the Internet's most popular do-it-yourself website for buying and selling, then eBay Income is especially recommended and essential reading for its profusion of precise, intelligible tips, overall ideas, and step-by-step instructions.