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The basis of medicine’s contract with society, the principles of which are set out in the General Medical Council (GMC) (UK) guidance document, Good Medical Practice. Professionalism hinges on adherence to a set of values comprising statutory professional obligations, formally agreed codes of conduct and the informal expectations of patients and colleagues.

Key values of medical professionalism
• Acting in the patients’ best interest;
• High standards of competence and knowledge;
• High ethical standards: integrity, probity, accountability, duty and honour;
• Humanism: caring, empathy, humility and compassion, social responsibility and sensitivity to people's culture and beliefs.


1. The competence and skill expected and required of a professional.
2. The status, practice, and methods of a professional as opposed to an amateur (e.g., in sports or music).
See: professional competence


the upholding by individuals of the principles, laws, ethics and conventions of their profession.

Patient discussion about professionalism

Q. please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism. I am a health care professional not a specialist. So consider my situation and please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism.

A. If you can provide good nutrition that would be huge,
higly effective natural nutritionals include:

cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar

Also, avoid highly processed foods like white sugar, white flour, an high fructose corn syrup.

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