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The basis of medicine’s contract with society, the principles of which are set out in the General Medical Council (GMC) (UK) guidance document, Good Medical Practice. Professionalism hinges on adherence to a set of values comprising statutory professional obligations, formally agreed codes of conduct and the informal expectations of patients and colleagues.

Key values of medical professionalism
• Acting in the patients’ best interest;
• High standards of competence and knowledge;
• High ethical standards: integrity, probity, accountability, duty and honour;
• Humanism: caring, empathy, humility and compassion, social responsibility and sensitivity to people's culture and beliefs.
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1. The competence and skill expected and required of a professional.
2. The status, practice, and methods of a professional as opposed to an amateur (e.g., in sports or music).
See: professional competence
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Patient discussion about professionalism

Q. please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism. I am a health care professional not a specialist. So consider my situation and please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism.

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The Center for Professionalism staff creates the curriculum for and staffs the Practicing with Professionalism (PWP) course, which is a Bar-mandated course for newly admitted attorneys.
As of March, an amendment to Rule 6-10.3(b) requires that all members of The Florida Bar earn one CLE credit in an approved professionalism program.
To address the gap of understanding professionalism, the aim of our study was to determine the attitudes of the faculty and residents of surgical specialties towards professionalism.
Conclusion: A robust curriculum with explicit teaching of professionalism does not only uphold and maintain the pre-training values of medical students but also brings about a significant improvement in their attitudes pertaining to professionalism.
Teaching of professionalism may progress from didactic education, supervised training, indirect supervision to eventually it being practiced autonomously.
Professionalism is a theme that has emerged and gained importance in the last 10 years, although studies related to professionalism are still focused on discussions about its significance and inclusion in curricula.
Culver "Skip" Smith III, a West Palm Beach attorney who represented his circuit's professionalism panel at the commission hearing, said most lawyers will be breathing a sigh of relief.
Medicine, in particular, has wrestled with the idea of professionalism in clinical practice and education and provides an example of some of its commonly understood components.
No less important, however, is that the authors raise a profound, philosophical question related to professionalism that deserves further comment.
Articles that described COPEPSs associated with core surgical professionalism education programs for residents and for others were also included.
Enables continual learning and professional development, including programs to develop professionalism and resilience; regular supervision to appraise work; and by encouraging reflective practice.

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