professional executive committee

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professional executive committee

A group of front-line health workers—GPs, nurses, therapists, social service representatives, allied health professionals and NHS trust executives—who are involved in formulating trust strategy, planning budgets and strategies for implementing national policies to improve services for patients and advising the trust board on policy development to fulfil its remit. PECs in primary care trusts (PCTs) provide necessary clinical input to help the PCT board with decision making.

Professional executive committee’s remit
Strategic planning
• Improving primary care services;
• Improving preventive services—e.g., increasing childhood immunisation rates and public health initiatives during the swine flu pandemic;
• Reducing morbidity and mortality—e.g., improving mental health and well-being, maternity services, vascular health;
• Improving outcomes—e.g., reducing cancer mortality, improving intermediate care;
• Supporting healthy behaviours—e.g., breast feeding.

Clinical Advisory role
• Public health planning;
• Infection control in nursing homes;
• Relationships with the wider community.
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John Mackay is a GP in Sunderland and chair of Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust (TPCT) Professional Executive Committee. These are his personal views.
Dr Colin Browne, Chair of Rowley Regis and Tipton PCT's Professional Executive Committee, said: "There is no doubt that the future direction of healthcare in the UK requires us to develop this type of work.
I have been actively involved in the PCT structures in Sheffield as chair of the professional executive committee and, since the migration towards a clinical commissioning group (CCG), as clinical director.
During the meeting Rob Napier asked Dr David Anderson, a GP and chair of the Professional Executive Committee to explain the "mood" of GPs in the run up to the change.
Carl Parker, chairman of the Professional Executive Committee for NHS Stockton and NHS Hartlepool, said: "Errors can occur where patients move from one service to another, particularly when general practice is closed or the patient is unable to communicate due to severe illness or trauma." The care record would help eliminate this.
Dr Francis Campbell, chairman of NHS Warwickshire's Professional Executive Committee, said: "We look forward to working with the George Eliot Hospital to address the health needs of people in the local area.
PLEDGE: David Miliband at the centre; ON TOUR: David Miliband meets personal adviser Matthew Lee at Flagg Court; WELCOME: David Miliband with PCT chairman Stephen Clark, left, and Dr Bill Hall, former chairman of South Tyneside Professional Executive Committee
Dr Liston said he had been approached by the trust's Professional Executive Committee chairman Dr John McKay.
Vicky Preece, vice chairwoman of the Red-ditch and Bromsgrove Professional Executive Committee and a local nurse, said: "It will take some time for everybody to get used to patient choice, but I am confident that the benefits will be worth it."
Dr Geoffrey Hayle, chairman of Ellesmere Port and Neston PCT's professional executive committee, said: 'This isn't rocket science.
Dr Mohan Mohanan, senior GP at the surgery and chairman of Central Liverpool PCT's professional executive committee, said: ``We're extremely upset by this latest incident, which comes on the back of other incidents across the primary care trust.
THE CASE FOR DR David Anderson, a Fartown GP, is chairman of the professional executive committee at NHS Kirklees.

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