professional executive committee

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professional executive committee

A group of front-line health workers—GPs, nurses, therapists, social service representatives, allied health professionals and NHS trust executives—who are involved in formulating trust strategy, planning budgets and strategies for implementing national policies to improve services for patients and advising the trust board on policy development to fulfil its remit. PECs in primary care trusts (PCTs) provide necessary clinical input to help the PCT board with decision making.

Professional executive committee’s remit
Strategic planning
• Improving primary care services;
• Improving preventive services—e.g., increasing childhood immunisation rates and public health initiatives during the swine flu pandemic;
• Reducing morbidity and mortality—e.g., improving mental health and well-being, maternity services, vascular health;
• Improving outcomes—e.g., reducing cancer mortality, improving intermediate care;
• Supporting healthy behaviours—e.g., breast feeding.

Clinical Advisory role
• Public health planning;
• Infection control in nursing homes;
• Relationships with the wider community.
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THE CPHVA PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE Committee is the overarching strategic committee of the CPHVA, working alongside the professional, national and industrial officers of Unite to ensure that the professional needs of the membership are advanced through a work plan.
I think that the real breakthrough for optometry in Croydon was when I was appointed to the Professional Executive Committee, which was a representative body of the profession in the days of the Primary Care Trust (PCT), because everybody became aware of the profession.
At the time Dr David Anderson, a local GP and chair of the Professional Executive Committee at NHS Kirklees, said: "This development will provide an opportunity to bring more GP services to Dewsbury.
Carl Parker, chairman of the Professional Executive Committee for NHS Hartlepool and NHS Stockton-on-Tees said: "This consultation is to gain the view of people on what kind of service and access they want from their general practice in the coming years.
Dr Francis Campbell, chairman of NHS Warwickshire's professional executive committee, said: "The condition is quite common and will usually correct itself naturally as a baby gets older so there is little clinical evidence to support treatment.
The Heart of Birmingham health trust's corporate franchising strategy has been presented to the board and approved by its professional executive committee.
PCT professional executive committee chairman John Hussey said: "We provide care in 120 buildings and they aren't consistent in what they provide.
But Dr John Hussey a south Liverpool GP and chairman of Liverpool PCT Professional Executive Committee, said the new service will bring real improvements for patients, with treatment being delivered in the community.
Solihull Care Trust's professional executive committee has fully supported the development of the trust's end of life care strategy for supportive and palliative care.
Subsequently, the Professional Executive Committee voted to revoke Dr.
In 2004, as Children's vice president of medical affairs and chief medical officer, I recommended to the professional executive committee that we commit to an expectation of patient safety knowledge before allowing appointment to our medical staff.
John Mackay is a GP in Sunderland and chair of Sunderland Teaching Primary Care Trust (TPCT) Professional Executive Committee.

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