professional ethics

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1. a branch of philosophy dealing with values pertaining to human conduct, considering the rightness and wrongness of actions and the goodness or badness of the motives and ends of such actions.
2. systematic rules or principles governing right conduct. Each practitioner, upon entering a profession, is invested with the responsibility to adhere to the standards of ethical practice and conduct set by the profession. adj., adj eth´ical.
applied ethics practical ethics.
descriptive ethics a type of nonnormative ethics that simply reports what people believe, how they reason, and how they act.
medical ethics the values and guidelines governing decisions in medical practice.
nonnormative ethics ethics whose objective is to establish what factually or conceptually is the case, not what ethically ought to be the case. Two types are descriptive ethics and metaethics.
normative ethics an approach to ethics that works from standards of right or good action. There are three types of normative theories: virtue theories, deontological theories, and teleological theories.
nursing ethics the values and ethical principles governing nursing practice, conduct, and relationships. The Code for Nurses, adopted by the American Nurses' Association (ANA) in 1950 and revised periodically, is intended to provide definite standards of practice and conduct that are essential to the ethical discharge of the nurse's responsibility. Further information on the Code, interpretative statements that clarify it, and guidance in implementing it in specific situations can be obtained from committees and councils on nursing practice of State Nurses' Associations or from the ANA Nursing Practice Department.
practical ethics the attempt to work out the implications of general theories for specific forms of conduct and moral judgment; formerly called applied ethics.
professional ethics the ethical norms, values, and principles that guide a profession and the ethics of decisions made within the profession.
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The study by Tutian Isfahani and Najafi entitled "Examining the relationship between SI and professional ethics among employees in Sari" showed a positive and significant relationship between SI and professional ethics.
In Pakistan, the last decade has seen a great expansion in higher education institutions resulting in induction of a great number of teachers, the training programs of Higher Education Commission (HEC) have very little relevance to teacher's professional development especially in the area of professional ethics. Other than establishment of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) in HEC in order to assess some aspects of professional ethics (such as the problem of plagiarism), its focus is limited to enforcing penalties for misconduct/ malpractice, while the proper training and appraisal regarding comprehensive professional ethics for teachers in different roles is generally ignored.
Professional ethics in dentistry is one of the basic components for achieving success in dental practice because it ensures patients' confidence in adroitness of the practitioners as well as in the dental procedures to which they are subjected.
Wife argues that professional ethics are not subjective criteria with the transformation of cultural, social and economic change, but also concrete and practical rules that countries, religions and different time periods have changed.
* "Test Your Knowledge of Professional Ethics; June 2010, page 36
To reach these conclusions, researchers reviewed rules and norms of professional ethics in force in the EU institutions (Commission, Parliament, Court of Auditors, Court of Justice, Central European Bank and European Investment Bank) and in various national institutions (national parliaments and governments, constitutional courts, courts of auditors and central/national banks of the 27 member states, as well as in Canada and the USA).
The "Rigos Multi-State Bar Review" consists of four titles in five volumes: the "Objective Bar Exam" (MBE, two volumes), "Subjective Essay Exam" (MEE), "Performance and Practice Exam" (MPT), and the "Professional Ethics Exam" (MPRE).
Last year, the AICPA Professional Ethics Executive Committee adopted new rulings that apply to Rule 102, Integrity and Objectivity; Rule 201, General Standards; and Rule 202, Compliance with Standards.
Ethics and Education is designed to "stimulate discussion and debate around the ethical dimensions of education," Routledge said, and will cover the relevant aspects of applied ethics, including bioethics, medical ethics, management ethics, sex education, ethics of therapy and counseling and professional ethics. An annual subscription price has not yet been set.
Would it be against professional ethics to encourage a student to remain in school when it is clearly against her best interests, simply because the university is rewarded for every student it keeps?
The introductory material constitutes an excellent, if brief, introduction to ethics generally and professional ethics specifically.
The importance accorded such theoretical underpinnings is evidenced at NWC by the appointment of an Ethics chairholder, and by the annual conduct of a Professional Ethics Conference that recently completed its fifteenth iteration, The Moral Responsibilities of the United States Armed Forces in Iraq (Naval War College 2003).

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