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1. an avowed, public declaration or statement of intention or purpose.
2. a calling or vocation requiring specialized knowledge, methods, and skills, as well as preparation, in an institution of higher learning, in the scholarly, scientific, and historical principles underlying such methods and skills. A profession continously enlarges its body of knowledge, functions autonomously in formulation of policy, and maintains by force of organization or concerted opinion high standards of achievement and conduct. Members of a profession are committed to continuing study, place service above personal gain, and are committed to providing practical services vital to human and social welfare.
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Learned profession, pronounced Lern-ed, as in burn-bed Biomedical ethics An occupation requiring intense preparation in a body of erudite knowledge–eg, law, medicine, which is applied in service to society, has a system of self-governance and in which success is measured by accomplishments in serving man and society and/or furtherance of knowledge in the field, rather than in personal gain. See Pro bono, Learned profession, Remedial profession, 'Yellow professionalism. '.
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Q. please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism. I am a health care professional not a specialist. So consider my situation and please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism.

A. If you can provide good nutrition that would be huge,
higly effective natural nutritionals include:

cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar

Also, avoid highly processed foods like white sugar, white flour, an high fructose corn syrup.

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'We must have to launch a movement for the restoration of the dignity of legal profession,' the CJP said while addressing a certificate awarding ceremony under a one-week course 'Continuing Legal Education: Professional Development Package for Members of the Bar' at the Federal Judicial Academy on Monday.
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We need to tell them that despite all that has changed and is changing in the insurance and risk management profession, they are about to join what remains as one of the most honorable professions ever invented.
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I am somewhat unusual in many ways in our career development profession and bring a variety of experiences to the editorship of CDQ that I hope will be useful.

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