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1. an avowed, public declaration or statement of intention or purpose.
2. a calling or vocation requiring specialized knowledge, methods, and skills, as well as preparation, in an institution of higher learning, in the scholarly, scientific, and historical principles underlying such methods and skills. A profession continously enlarges its body of knowledge, functions autonomously in formulation of policy, and maintains by force of organization or concerted opinion high standards of achievement and conduct. Members of a profession are committed to continuing study, place service above personal gain, and are committed to providing practical services vital to human and social welfare.
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Learned profession, pronounced Lern-ed, as in burn-bed Biomedical ethics An occupation requiring intense preparation in a body of erudite knowledge–eg, law, medicine, which is applied in service to society, has a system of self-governance and in which success is measured by accomplishments in serving man and society and/or furtherance of knowledge in the field, rather than in personal gain. See Pro bono, Learned profession, Remedial profession, 'Yellow professionalism. '.
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Q. please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism. I am a health care professional not a specialist. So consider my situation and please let me know my role as a health care professional in caring for a child with autism.

A. If you can provide good nutrition that would be huge,
higly effective natural nutritionals include:

cod liver oil
flax seed oil
raw apple cider vinegar

Also, avoid highly processed foods like white sugar, white flour, an high fructose corn syrup.

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The system operates by linking with a computer platform such as Stryker ADAPT, Stryker NAV3 or Stryker NAV3i, and uses live video images captured by a miniature video camera mounted on each of the Profess sterile, single-use navigated surgical instruments.
(17.) The central value is 0 for PostDist, AfterRedist, all election year dummies, and all coattail variables; 1 for Term2Yr, SMDist, ContestPrey, and NotPresParty; .090 for Profess; and .496 for EconCondit.
While they might not be able to abandon the prospect of letting their daughters profess, they could at least challenge these same daughters when later confronted with their legal claims.
President Bush makes no secret of his religious zeal, but like so many in this country who profess faith in Christ, his piety seems a little contrived.
Just as some obese people would perceive the promotion of fitness clubs as a threat to their survival, there is a sad minority of people in Wales who profess to support the Welsh language but wish to undermine its success.
The ACLU has previously maintained that since the Scouts profess a belief in God it should be considered a church.
Catholics have been saying the Nicene Creed at the Eucharist for over 1,000 years--in part to simply profess our faith together, and in part, Johnson says, to provide a rule of faith (how we should read our scripture and identify ourselves as Christians); to provide a definition of faith (marking the boundaries of Christian belief and community); and to provide a symbol of faith (a recognizable sign and an affirmation of the shared Christian story).
We who profess to believe in a God of infinite mercy stand about and point our fingers in condemnation.
Currently, 60 percent of the population is overweight even though we profess to be health conscious.
The authors, with more than 50 years of combined business experience, profess to have learned the value of this concept on the job; indeed, Martin Mand was for years the chief financial officer at Northern Telecom, now Nortel Networks.
This International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) member organization has specifically pointed to Slovakia's discrimination against humanists and others who do not profess any religious belief, whose life philosophy is based on a naturalistic understanding of the universe, or whose ethics are grounded in secular human values.