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(prō′dŭk-tĭv′ĭ-tē, prŏd′ək-)
1. The quality of being productive.
2. Ecology The rate at which photosynthesizing or chemosynthesizing producers form organic substances that can be used as food by consumers.


the amount of material in terms of BIOMASS or energy generated in a given time in an ECOSYSTEM over and above the STANDING CROP.


the amount or quality or value of the output of a food animal. Best measured in terms of the percentage productivity compared with a target based on productivity of peers. It is customary nowadays to state productivity in terms of return on capital invested, or per head of livestock or per hectare or per unit of workforce, and may be for a period, e.g. annual, lifetime, for a specific unit, e.g. farm, the dairy herd on a mixed farm.

productivity index
includes such items as wool yield per hectare, wins per race starts.
productivity marginal value
see marginal revenue.

Patient discussion about productivity

Q. Is it safe for teenagers to use weight loss products? This isn't an ethical question, but quite literally asking if it is safe for a teenager to use weight loss solutions like weight loss milkshakes and other things of that nature. Thanks in advance!

A. From health point of view- there shouldn’t be a problem if those products are safe. But from an educational view- the minute you start relaying on weight loss products to loose weight for you- you become lazy. Then you’ll loose weight and gain it back with some extra. You need to start acquiring good habits while you are young- balanced nutrition and sports.

Q. i am diabetic :( what is the right diet for me? should i avoid sugar based products? what is the amount of sugar in the blood that consider to be normal ?

A. You may find it all here:

Q. are colon cleansing products safe and are they beneficial?

A. Unless you are having a problem with regularity I wouldn't fool around with cleansing products. Eat more fruits and vegetables and drink LOTS of water. Before I would do any colon cleansing I would add a product like metamucil or bran.

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The Malmquist productivity index (Malmquist 1953) can be employed to estimate TFP changes of single firm over two periods (or vice versa), across two production modes, strategies, locations etc.
The Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI) with two inputs and one output by Fare, Grosskopf, and Roos (1998), is defined using Figure (1) as following:
We noted earlier that the productivity index should not be applied to single institutions, but rather to broad groupings of institutions (the "segments" discussed above).
Unlike contemporaneous MPI, the global MPI and its components satisfy the circular property and provide a single productivity index for the forest products industry.
In the study, the managerial implications of each component of the Malmquist productivity index will be revealed; The rest of the paper is organized as follows: In the following section, the Malmquist index and the development by Chen and Ali (2004) is introduced briefly.
In order to measure the total factor productivity change we use the Malmquist Productivity Index (M) (5) which is decomposed in Technical Efficiency Change (TEC) and Technical Change (TC) (FARE et al.
They used the non-parametric, frontier methodology known as Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to calculate the Malmquist Productivity Index at sectoral level.
Although the flowing temperature at this specific depth is 277 degrees F (136 degrees C), the extremely high productivity index indicates potential production of five to six megawatts from this well," said Daniel Kunz, president and CEO.
Where access is the accessibility index with respect to population as described above, beds hab are beds in hotels per 1000 habitants, the productivity index ratio between the productivity in industry and services and the employment rate of the tertiary sector.

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